Applied Practice

Exhibitions October 23- November 22, 2014

Opening Reception October 23 5-7pm

Gallery 1

Heated Exchange


 An exhibition of contemporary encaustic (wax) artwork. Curated by Reni Gower, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, the exhibit features works representing painting, sculpture and installation from eleven artists.

Curator’s Statement:  
Heated Exchange features the seductive surface, luminous color, and ethereal image layering unique to the encaustic medium. Each artist approaches the process from a distinct perspective that may incorporate scraping, burning, burnishing, incising, dipping, dyeing, or pouring, as well as painting, printmaking, drawing, collage, sculpture, or installation. While diverse in approach, numerous conceptual links connect our interest in this malleable material. Buried images, fragmented hybrids, or hidden codes of natural and industrial order, all translate into works infused with a physically poetic beauty. The exhibition resonates with sensual materiality. The aromatic scent of honeyed beeswax is an intoxicating perfume. Tactile surfaces reveal unique traces of the hand, while gleaming color fused with intricate markings orchestrate striking visual chords.  –Reni Gower




Gallery 2

Black Box Projects: Temporal Beings


A solo exhibit of recent Florida State University MFA graduate Samantha Burns. This show will include drawings and installation based sculpture that explore concepts of trauma, recovery and time. Using man-made objects and natural plant elements, the artist will create time-sensitive installations that will change over the course of the exhibition as the natural elements deteriorate and the delicate balance of the works topples the structure created.

Artist’s Statement:
Over the last year, I have used installations to explore the concept of traumatic recovery not as a single instance but as an experience, a journey. My intention with this work is to reveal the internal endurance a system goes through to attempt to achieve stability.  These mixed media installations were stabilized momentarily through the cooperation of fragile entities (vases, glass, china) partnered with materials that held the possibility to wane over time (flowers, string, and water) to create a system silently struggling for permanence. These installations allowed for the viewer to take time to investigate the life they were seeing before them and appreciate the beauty of its uncertain strength.
As an artist who had recovery from a Traumatic Brain injury, I grew to appreciate the uncertainty that time presents and the beauty, which surrounds moments of change.  My use of these time-based installations is to reflect an instance in a life and challenge my audience to see the complex splendor in this transitory entity. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.


Gallery 3

Figure Flow of Life -Larry Forgard





























A solo exhibit of Sarasota artist, Larry Forgard. This exhibit features artwork from the painter that explores the abstraction of the figure, as well as interactions between figure and ground in a painting. The exhibit will explore these topics through a cross-section of the artist’s work that will also highlight the way that artists grow and change in their practice.  


Artist’s Statement:
Figures interest me- the challenge, complexity, the differences, personality. Somewhere in a place, maybe a city where figurative emotions move in and out of their environment. They become part of all and all of one. Sometimes in and out of focus and moving through indistinguishable places. Similar to ghosts moving from one dimension to another. Notice people in a large city walking through the streets and you will see humans lost in a sea of structure. Do you see the buildings with a flutter of movement or do you see humans among the texture of their environment? I see people becoming shapes moving in and out of other shapes and color both warm and cool creating emotion in their painted environment.


Gallery 4

Applied Practice 

Juried, open, all-media exhibition




Winners posted soon!