Pop-Up: The In-Between Series!

May 13-18

Opening Reception is Wednesday May 17, 5 - 7 p.m.

GALLERY 1: “Booker High School VPA Seniors Exhibit”

Featuring art by the talented students in Booker’s VPA program.

GALLERY 2: “One Mind”

Organized by Sy Schimberg, a junior student at Pine View High School, this project features the works of 10 artists invited by Schimberg to create art works that were made as a reaction or response to his writing. 

GALLERY 3: “All About the Scrim”

An exhibition of photographs created by students studying location lighting with Tom Winchester at Ringling College of Art and Design



The “Pop-Up” series is an initiative designed to offer area-based high school and college students the opportunity to take their art to a higher level. This program came into fruition as a response to young artists who reached out to Art Center Sarasota for exhibition opportunities. Our exhibition staff works with them to develop their projects and give them exhibit space and an audience. For many, it’s the first time they’ve worked directly with a professional art space or gallery. This is a real learning experience for them.




GALLERY 1: The Third Entity: Works by Amy Ernst and Amy Ragus


This exhibit investigates the shared methods and subjects of Amy Ernst and Amy Ragus, two artists who work primarily in collage.


image image

                  Amy Ernst                                                  Amy Ragus 





GALLERY 2: MASHterpieces

In this collaboration with Goodwill Manasota 10 area businesses transform donated art into new masterpieces.




MASHterpieces” is the fourth installment of a popular collaboration between Art Center Sarasota and Goodwill Manasota. In this incarnation, 10 area businesses will compete with each other in the creation of re-purposed art. After contributing $500 to Goodwill, the participating companies will be given a voucher for up to five items at a Goodwill Bargain Barn. Teams can also use as many recycled items from their own offices as they like. Artist advisors will also offer their suggestions and expertise. The auction and reception takes place on Thursday, June 8, 6-8 p.m., at the Art Center. Community members can bid on the resulting works of art.









GALLERY 3: Nocturnal Melodies

A multimedia group exhibition featuring the fairy tale narratives of four artists.


Nocturnal Melodies” is a multimedia group exhibition featuring the fairy tale narratives of four artists: Nathan Freda, Sooky Kim, Yanuary Narravo and Cheryl Weber (Jujmo). There’s a common theme running through all of their works where each artist creates characters in a story that departs from mundane reality. The narratives can be about a trauma, a memory, an accident, or pure imagination. Each tale is styled with a naive approach, similar to a child’s imagination, where objects can seem bigger, more saturated in color, and fuller in texture than they really are. These artists use these secondary realities to process personal experience. Collectively, their works create a journey with no end and no beginning—a mysterious and ambiguous installation that pulls the viewer inside a dream.



Cheryl Weber (Jujmo)



GALLERY 4: Unlimited Potential

An Members Only, all-media, all-subject juried exhibit.


Juried by Joseph Melancon, a nationally acclaimed painter and instructor