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October 15 - November 21, 2015

Opening Reception October 15 | 5-7pm | Free and Open to the Public

Open Critque October 13  | 6-8pm | Free and Open to the Public

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Gallery 1


hue and your shadow -Molly Wicks



Molly Wicks grew up in South Dakota.

I was raised to love and appreciate art. Why? Because art is awesome.

I went to school at the University of Minnesota. Minneapolis is still the place I yearn to call home even though I have not lived there for well over three years. I got my BFA there while studying abroad twice (once in Cote d'Ivoire and again in Chile) and educating myself by actively discovering something new in and at every corner of the city.

From the fall of 2009 until July of 2011 I lived in the Palouse, a place I am so happy that not many people know about. While pursuing and recieving my MFA at Washington State University, I fell in love with the area. I started my making my topography, mixed media, and steel work during my masters there.

I am now an instructor back in my hometown of Brookings at South Dakota State University. I love my job here. I'm in my sixth semester teaching here, and I teach painting, drawing, and design courses.

I am the current artist featured at Shoebox Gallery on Chicago Ave. and Lake St. in Minneapolis, MN. Recently, I was included in the NE Minnapolis Rosalux Gallery "Open Door 9," "Miniatures" at the Art Center of Sarasota, and "Magnitude 7" at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH.


Artist statement

As an artist, I focus on how formal elements create non-representational landscapes. I use color, shape, texture, and line to promote visual compositions that relay a sense of the musical. Color fields present a bass line or rhythm and texture and line work adds the melody and bits of the staccato. There are vibrations that occur between colors, there are tensions that form between different types of surfaces, and there are harmonies that unfold when moving your eye from line into shape back into line. I strive for visual compositions that evoke sound.


My current work involves drawing media, paint (house, oil, watercolor, and acrylic), paper, steel, and objects. For installation work, I am using hundreds of tacks, scrapbooking brads, pushpins of all sizes, and various nails and studs. It is almost as if small mold cells are splitting, growing, and creating colonies on the surface and spreading onto the wall. New visual organisms are being created.  At other times, I work with a plethora of Valspar samples, a drill, a jigsaw, and a Dremel tool. I look at maps of lakes or islands. I look at visuals of sedimentary layers. In reaction to this looking, I work into a panel in a subtractive fashion. I am interested in how my subtractive cutouts create shadows, and how those shadows relate to the reflected colors on the wall. The backs of my paintings are painted distinct colors that are chosen to compliment the piece. I am also interested in how the color painted within the cutout relates to these different shadows.




Molly Wicks




Gallery 2


Delicate Balance -Meg Pierce and Joan Lyon


Joan Lyon was born in Providence. R.I. and moved to Florida in 2004.She has been an artist all her life, having attended the Rhode Island School of Design when she was nine. After graduating from the University of Maryland she took study with Gene Davis in Washington, D.C. Joan also gave monotype workshops in the Washington, D.C. area. After moving to Chicago, she took postgraduate classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and was a lecturer at art and educational organizations in the Chicago area. Joan’s work is in public and private collections nationally. Selected exhibits have been in the Leepa Rattner Museum of Art, The Katharine Butler Gallery, the Bolivar Gallery, Harmony Hall and Lydon Contemporary Gallery in Chicago. She is a lifetime member of the National Collage Society. joanlyon.net


Meg Pierce grew up in the Buffalo area. A graduate of the College of New Rochelle, she went on to gain a Masters in Art and Art Education from Columbia University, NY, NY and a MFA in Painting from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. She was a teacher of art the Herricks Schools, New Hyde Park, on Long Island from 1969-2001 and found teaching to be an extraordinary source of energy and pride. She has shown widely in the NY area, as well as recently at Florida CraftArt St Petersburg, FL, Selby Gallery, Ringling College of Art+Design, Sarasota, FL, Harmony Gallery, Sarasota, FL and Art Center Sarasota, FL. Residencies include the Millay Colony, Austerlitz, NY, Weir Farm, Wilton CT, and the Hermitage Artist Retreat on Manasota Key, FL (as a John Ringling Tower Award recipient)  megpierce.com

About the Exhibit

The artists collaborated on the installation “A Delicate Balance”. The wall element consists of twelve panels surrounding a central metaphorical landscape with flora, fauna and a figure. The central image is a mixed media monotype made of torn and cut papers with ink and pastel. The surrounding panels feature silk, lace and acrylic on canvas. The whole is a serene composition celebrating life.

In front of this wall image many strings are suspended from the ceiling, using delicate nature images and lace. It also serves as a curtain to frame the wall piece. Works by each artist are also included in the gallery.

Artists' Statement

“We have been good friends since moving to Florida. We both are inspired by the landscape here, the light and the water. Using similar techniques of layering and materials we realized that although our work appears very different, our intent and processes are similar. The artworks of both speak of the beauty of the landscape and its mystery and vulnerability.”



imageLido Mandala, Meg Pierce


A Delicate Balance, Joan Lyon





Gallery 3


:PROJECT: Imaging Modalities - Gigi Lage & Jeanine Tatlock



Curated by Sarah Viviana Valdez and Dustin Juengel

Curator's Statment

Imaging Modalities brings together the work of Gigi Lage and Jeanine Tatlock. Lage’s work results from the accumulated traces of her engagement with technology. Through layers of computer processes and her interest in her own physical body, she cultivates a very physical relationship to technology. Tatlock directs her attention exclusively to the tangible. Through a very physical process that employs canvas and spray paint, she gathers images of her surroundings. Both artists engage with notions of immateriality and abstraction as they record different modalities and compose them into new images.





imageRingling Fence, Jeanine Tatlock


Blue, Gigi Lage



Gallery 4


Daily News                                               

    An open, all media, all subject juried exhibition.


Marty Fugate

Visual Arts Columnist for the Sarasota Herald Tribune



First Place:

Jana Millstone



Second Place:

James Stewart
Subject Aitch



Third Place:

Rhonda Gushee

The Red Leopard


Art & Frame Merit Awards:

Margo Kessler Cook, Dotty Terry


Honorable Mentions:
 Linda Alvord, Pat Burke, D. DeLong, Jane Fidalgo, Stephanie Flis, Fernando Madridejos, Joseph Melançon, Gail Rubinfeld, Kathleen Simon-McDonald,
Susan von Gries, Lynn Webster, Brian Weissinger,
Anita Wexler, Jerry Wolfe, Sandra Zanetti