Exhibition Proposals


The goal of the Art Center's Exhibition Program is to offer the viewing public a diverse series of exhibitions demonstrating high skill levels, that are considered to be  significant in their context, unique and relevant.


 Art Center Sarasota encourages artists to submit proposals that are contemporary, innovative or experimental and demonstrate a clear central concept or theme.

 We no longer accept proposals through online submissions!

  •  Exhibition proposals can be considered to show in the Art Center’s gallery 1, 2 or 3. (We do not accept proposals for gallery 4 which is reserved strictly for the center's juried exhibitions)
  • Exhibitions are scheduled up to two years in advance
  • Work selected must:
  1. Be current (within 3 years) or created especially for the exhibition

  2. Not include work that has previously been exhibited in Art Center Sarasota's galleries or other regional venues 


If you have a concept to propose or feel that your work meets the Art Center's goals for exhibition stated above for a solo/group show, please follow these guidelines:


1.Write a brief (under 500 words) statement outlining your concept or proposal for a show

2.Include a link to your website that links to your bio, artist statement and previous exhibitions

3.You may send up to 3 images that illustrate your ideas, not necessarily the work that will be shown

4. There is no fee to submit
5. We do not accept hand delivered proposals or CDs

6. Proposals will be reviewed within 3 months of submission and artists will be notified within that period.


Email proposals or questions to:
AND cc:artcentersarasota@gmail.com



Thank you!