First Impressions



Opening Reception All 4 Galleries, October 19, 2017, 5 PM - 7 PM,

Open and Free to the Public
On View October 19-December 1

Gallery 1: Last Stop Before Utopia: The Liminal and Ephemeral Landscape


Featuring landscape-based artworks by 14 artists using a variety of approaches, including drawing, photography, printmaking, and text. “Each work charts a range of responses to the temporal spaces we inhabit, both external and mental, manmade and Arcadian,” says Nathan Skiles, Exhibition Curator. “Through the act of direct observation and representation, each artist commits fleeting moments to a concrete document.” In Jen Nugent’s mixed-media drawing on paper, “Charlotte County Jail,” the artist documents a profound moment, sitting in her car in the parking lot, anticipating the release of a loved one from a correctional facility. In his series, “Ultima Thule,” Andrew Atkinson braves a frigid snowstorm in Iceland to photograph the moment when his ability to perceive the terrain in front of him is obfuscated by the landscape itself.


Curator, Nathan Skiles

Gallery 2: Intimate Observation: Looking past the Figure


This show features figurative drawings and paintings by five artists. “These works are often quiet in their demand to be noticed for their physical presence as objects, in comparison to, for example, heavy, abstract sculpture,” says Dustin Juengel, Exhibition Curator. “It’s easy for the viewer to get completely absorbed by the illusion of the image and stop there. This exhibition allows viewers to look at the images but, at the same time, encourages them to see the work as a handmade object that required many different working steps to create.” Juengel adds that one of the artists, Kim Anderson, “made use of found photographic imagery as reference for her paintings. The imagery is very impersonal to her. From a distance, the works seem very slick, mechanical and the artist’s hand remains invisible. Upon closer inspection, the painter’s ‘struggle’ becomes more apparent. Essentially, they are handmade imitations of mechanical or chemical processes using bristle brushes and oil paint on canvas. That is not an easy translation, although highly effective in Anderson’s case, resulting in nearly immaculate objects.”

Curator, Dustin Juengel

Gallery 3: Slow Turbulence: Abhidnya Ghuge


In “Slow Turbulence,” multidisciplinary installation artist Abhidnya Ghuge will create thousands of large-scale woodblock prints on paper plates. Her process transforms a normally disposable, mass-produced object into permanent art and creates an interactive experience for the viewer. Originally from India and a dermatologist by previous profession, Ghuge says she draws inspiration from Indian henna designs, the microscopic and macro world, and the cultural landscape of America. According to Sarah Valdez, Art Center Sarasota’s exhibition and marketing coordinator, Ghuge’s work “takes viewers to another reality by redefining a humble consumer item with a high level of craftsmanship.”

On View October 12-December 1


Gallery 4: First Impressions

An open, all-media, juried exhibit


Juror: Dari Groggans, A regional based artist, art adisor and owner of 

 Jessica’s Picture Framing


Congratulations to all the talented artists and who submitted work for FIRST IMPRESSIONS


First Place:

Marianne Vogel, Eco Echoes




Second Place: 


Philomena Marano, Swingin’ Stationary




Third Place:

Rhoda Taylor, Bat in the Moon






Jill Krasner, Wild Flowers





Joseph Melancon, Lockwood #4




Honorable Mentions: 

Melanie Carlstein, Lynn Armstrong Coffin, Linda Cordisco, Betty A. Gerich, Norman Grandstaff, Allison Lehti,

 Ed McDonald, Mark Price, Laura Reed, Ilene Skeen, Alice Sundstrom,

Anita Wexler