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Classes with Nancy Goff


 Pastels with Nancy Goff
6 weeks
 Thursdays, 1:30pm - 4:30pm
All Levels 



Nancy Goff teaches how to begin a Pastel, starting with the importance of using a value study for reference and using that study as a painting guide.  Her enthusiasm for the Pastel medium comes through as she guides her students through the steps of producing colorful and thoughtful works of art.  Goff’s purpose is to make pastel easy and rewarding for all artists at every level. 



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Joy of Pastels

Joy of Pastels Portraits




Joy of Pastels Portraitsimage
This is a 6 week class is a focus on portraiture in pastel and is for the student who is familiar with pastels.  The basics of portraiture and composition will be covered.  Students will work from photographs or self-portraiture. Light and shadow are what it's all about. What to look for, establishing composition, and how to apply pastels are all part of the program. Goff teaches students how to make paintings come to life by building colors on a dark surface.  There will be a Demo each day.  Students will draw each day with advice, critiques and philosophy from Nancy. There will be appropriate hand-out sheets throughout the course to guide you. Her method is direct and her enthusiasm for the pastel medium is contagious.

Nancy Goff: Nancy retired as a graphic artist to pursue her painting career. Her love of pastels inspired her to start teaching and sharing her skills and knowledge with aspiring artists. She is an enthusiastic teacher and an encouraging proponent for the Pastel medium. Nancy has been teaching since 2005 while pursuing her own art. She is an active member in upstate NY art societies. Her work has been accepted in the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and The Pastel Society of America in NYC. Ms. Goff has received numerous awards and honors throughout the country.