Lucinda Hathaway


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Workshop with Lucinda Hathaway

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Watercolor Journaling

Lucinda Hathaway
2 half days

Fridays, 9:30am - 12:30pm

All skill levels, Watercolor & ink pen

February 9,16, 2018




Going on a trip? Having a special event? Want to do something more on a weekend? Learning to do watercolor journaling can enhance your trip or make a memory for you to enjoy in coming years. This workshop is for advanced painters and beginners alike. The technique is friendly to beginners, and experienced painter will enjoy the process.

Workshop instructor Lucinda (Cinda) Hathaway has quite a following and for good reason. One student said, “Lucinda has a wonderful way of making everyone feel comfortable and capable. I would strongly recommend taking this fun workshop even if it is outside someone’s comfort zone or you’re used to a different genre. This workshop was really fun!” Another said, “I love her work and want to take whatever classes she’s teaching.” Don’t miss this great workshop with an awesome teacher!

Workshop: February 9,16, 2018

Cost: $70m/90nm

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 About the Instructor:

imageLucinda Hathaway learned to do Watercolor Journaling in 2008 aboard the Angeliqe (a Maine windjammer) with Don Getz as her teacher. She has become entranced with the journaling and used it on many other trips and to record her daily happenings. Her enthusiasm for the craft is present as she introduces novices and pros to this method of painting. She is the author of two children’s books: Takashi’s Voyage and ‘Round the World (both available on Amazon) and is a loyal volunteer at her local elementary school where she teaches 3rd, 4th and 5th graders the art of journaling. It is a happy art and a good one for one and all to enjoy every day. Lucinda has also studied with Diana Gessler, Florida artist/journalist. Her class introduces you to the art of journaling and its various styles. She also includes info about materials and sources for more information. Welcome to the world of journaling…come and “just do it.”