Judy Just


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Classes with Judy Just



Non-Toxic Printmaking with Judy Just

3-4 weeks



Akua ink printmaking, All skill levels

Supply fee



Cost $12

Open studio runs until June 2017


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Printmaking has never been so much fun! This series of classes focuses on basic and advances skills, ink roll up, additive/subtractive , stencils, templates, uses of the ghost, plate registration, drypoint, markmaking, chine colle as well as other printmaking techniques. Students will explore monotype, a great process for a painterly and immediate approach. Printmaking lends itself to realistic and abstract work making it perfect for artists of all mediums and skill levels. There is a material fee for this class. Inks and tools as well as some paper is provided by instructor.

CLASS - Putting it all together

Apr 6-27, 2017

Combining various printing methods, chine colle, stencils


CLASS CANCELED - OPEN STUDIO for Printmaking offered in its place - Cost $12


 About the Artist:

imageJudy Just is a printmaker, painter, and instructor, with 30 years of experience.  Her BFA is from Washington University with subsequent studies in Greece and Mexico.  Many exhibits and collections in the US and Europe feature her work. 
Judy teaches workshops and classes using non-toxic waterbased media, in the Southwest, California, and Florida.  The workshops and classes offer an easy and relaxed atmosphere for beginning and experienced artist to explore creativity. 
Dynamic use of color is a hallmark of Judy's work.  Her imagery is drawn from her local, moving toward the abstract.  She uses painting, printmaking, bookarts, and encaustic to explore her artistic vision.  To see her work please visit www.judyjust.com

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