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MAY 19 - JUNE 24, 2016

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GALLERIES ONE TWO AND THREE                                       


 Exhibiting Artists 

      This exhibition showcases the work of artists active in the Sarasota area
that are incorporating the use of various digital technologies into their work.

Their often very experimental mode of working does not allow for easy categorization, instead, “multimedia” seems to be the new standard.

      One may discover a traditional painting in this exhibition, only to find out later, that through the use of an app the painting serves as a gateway that can lead the viewer deeper into the artist’s creative universe.Other drawings and paintings turn into animations, sculpture is enhanced through the incorporation of light or sound, and installations and displays become interactive.

      Many of us have absorbed digital technologies into our lives. We no longer have to think about using computers, sharing our lives on Facebook or asking Siri for the way to the best Chinese Restaurant, it’s become second nature. The same holds true for the work of artists and makers. Making art about these new technologies and their role in our lives and work seems irrelevant. Now we simply make use of them, just like any other tool in the box, as we turn our attention back to the physical world.  
      A seemingly unstoppable outpour of creativity and playful engagement with the act of making, seems to be the link that connects the diverse group of artists throughout this exhibition, that with ease engulfs the space of three galleries. New technologies don’t become hurdles, but instead function as enablers in what might best be described as a field of artistic practices.

      The artists in this show range from high school students to college professors, full time designers, part time tinkers, computer programmers, to artists, whose work might actually fit within more traditional definitions of an artistic practice. Many of them are connected to an array of local institutions and organizations, including: Ringling College of Art and Design, New College of Florida, Faulhaber Fab Lab, Pine View School and IMG Academy.
      The work in this show ranges from paintings, sculptures, and prints, to video and sound installations, self designed drones and robots, from solid and static forms to ever-changing, interactive glitch art.  

-Dustin Juengel, Curator

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Claudia Cumbie Jones, Lance Ford Jones and Michael Wyshock (faculty member at Ringling College of Art and Design) are showing a selection of immersive media work, including digitally manipulated video footage and animation. They're also showcasing works by seven of their students. "The work from this group is primarily video," says Juengel. "About half of the videos incorporate the documentation of artist’s performances. The remaining works are best described as 'visualizations.' They could be understood as an extension of abstract painting." The students include Daniel Jeffers, Emily Rives, Ruzica Ivanovic, Celia Garcia Nogales, Hayley Denham, John Dillard, Jordan Daher. For more info, visit http://webspace.ringling.edu/~ccjones


Ivanovic, Nogales, SINSALIVA (Still frame)


Jones, Gulfstream

Multimedia artist Sarah Valdez is a graduate of Ringling College. In this exhibit, Valdez will showcase "Heart Happening Jewelry," which is a wearable LED brooch made with an Adafruit Flora microcontroller and a Pulse Sensor Amped. "The pulse sensor registers the heart wave and then shares that data back to the program loaded onto the micro-controller to light up three attached Neo Pixels to the heart beat," says the artist. "Wearing one's heart beat creates a conversation about how signals can influence communication with other living organisms and environments similar to insect’s odor that trigger danger or colors that attract other species." For more info, visit www.svaldez-es.org


Sarah Valdez, Heart Happening Jewelry

Gigi Lage a graduate of University of South Florida, is a Tampa-based artist, whose art involves sculpture, performance, video and multimedia installations. The artist says she's "interested in creating raw, time-based work through the hand-manipulation of common audio and visual materials." Her visual and object-making processes are typically created without the interference of digital software; she uses manual editing techniques to distort her pieces into finished works. In this exhibit, Lage will showcase a selection of her prints. For more info, visit www.gigilage.com


Gigi Lage

Wesley Thorp, Sky Kistler, and Eric Voorhis: Together, the three young artists are collaborating on an installation of interactive video displays, incorporating the use of image distortion algorithms, that lets viewers manipulate images in real time. Wesley Thorp, a New College graduate, will also be showing prints from his “Datamaps” series. This work consists of a series of still and animated images, which showcase the divide between how people think of images and how computers process them.


Eric Voorhis, Still from GIF animation


Thorp, Kistler, Voorhis (Photo by Wayne S)

Kim Anderson and Caui Lofgren are a husband-wife team based in Bradenton. Anderson is an associate professor of art at New College of Florida where she has taught painting and drawing since 2004. Lofgren is the chair of the art program at IMG Academy in Bradenton, and has taught as an adjunct faculty at New College of Florida. They will be showing two of their new “barrier grid animations," an analog method to create a simple animation effect by moving a striped acetate overlay across an interlaced image. (A physical object, that becomes animated by the viewer moving past it)

Rick Herzog, who is also a faculty member at New College of Florida and the assistant professor of sculpture, will be showing a large, tree like sculpture that incorporates the use of 27 old IMac speakers broadcasting the sounds of birds. For more info, visit www.rickherzog.com


Rick Herzog

Caitlin Burns is a digital artist who lives and works in Sarasota. "She will be showing three animated illustrations with a “ruins-meets-UI theme,” explains Juengel. " In the industrial design field of human–machine interaction, user interface (UI) is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur." For more info, visit http://caitlinburns.tumblr.com


Caitlin Burns

Cassia Kite, a fine arts instructor at IMG Academy in Bradenton, is showing three of her paintings along with the work of three of her students, Adrian Salgado, Angelina Ye and Brandon Wang. The students studied color theory with an emphasis on the art history of optical illusion and geometric Abstraction. They documented their painting process using their iPhone time-lapse film feature. The process film was then shared through the Aurasma app, which creates a link between the physical painting and additional web content. The painting becomes a target image that transforms into an interactive object that educates the viewer. When describing her paintings, Kite explains that she aims to "communicate the nostalgia, appreciation, love and admiration I have for my farm life upbringing. Everything I create has historical and sentimental significance to my past and presence and is in relation to my own personal narrative." For more info, visit www.cassiakite.com


Cassia Kite, CHORES Black Baldy Steer

imageAdrian Salgado 


Faulhaber Fab Lab at the Suncoast Science Center: Showcasing four exhibits by artists who use the Fab Lab to create their works:

Exhibit 1: Featuring lamp designs by Nick O'Donnell, an FSU graduate and designer/ entrepreneur, who uses the Fab Lab's machines to create furniture and accessories utilizing parametric design. For more info, visit www.terraform-design.com

Exhibit 2: Featuring a long-range, low-cost, video reconnaissance drone created by Henry Tingle, a Pine View High School senior and Suncoast Science Center youth volunteer.

Exhibit 3: Featuring a robot designed by a team of area high school students who had six weeks to build a robot from scratch, utilizing fabrication machines.

Exhibit 4: Featuring four remote-controlled cars designed and created by students working together for a recent competition.

Nick O'Donnell


Team Panda, RC Car



The annual members-only, all-media, all-subject, juried exhibition.

Juror: Jamie Tracy, artist and chair of the Design & Humanities department at State College of Florida.

Juried Exhibition Winners

First Place:  

Javo , K

 Second Place: Third Place:

Elizabeth image


How Can I Knit Without Ewe?

imageIrene Gorman 









Art & Frame Merit Awards:


Meg Krakowiak

Beautiful Harbor  


Robin MacKay


Honorable Mentions:

Robert Barylski, Kasia Brunniany, Susan Covert, 
Donald Diddams, Barry Gellert, Maria Gelinas, Jorge Gutarra, Joan Libby Hawk, Dirce Kennedy, Steven Klindt, Jan Lewis, Joseph Melançon, M.E. Montague, Patricia Pettit, Jim Stewart, Dotty Terry