New and Now (December 14, 2017 - January 19, 2018)

Art Center Sarasota's New Exhibitions: 
Opening reception for all four exhibits is 
Thursday, December 14, 5-7 p.m
Free and Open to the Public

On View December 14, 2017 - January 19, 2018
A survey of observational, interior-based paintings by Jeff Schwartz. Curated by
Anne-Marie Russell, executive director of Sarasota Museum of Art.



Jeff Schwartz is an artist and the associate vice president for Academic Affairs and dean of Undergraduate Studies at Ringling College of Art and Design. According to Schwartz, the content of the work in Interior, explores locations as universal experiences. The work also addresses the process of drawing and the illusion of space. “How much illusion is enough and how much manipulation of space is too much,” he notes in his artist’s statement for this exhibit. “Working with ink and collage is akin to trying to juggle water. I intentionally piece together different images that cannot exist in the real world, but only in my drawing/painted world. Multiple angles, subtle moves, dripping ink and textured surfaces combine to make an image that does not translate into a digital format well, but asks the viewer to spend time with the image and experience it as a physical process. The drawing helped me to slow down as I make them. The layering forces me to let the surface dry. I want the viewer to feel and see this. In the process, I try to give an inanimate object a sense of animation, time, space and surprise.” The guest curator for this exhibit is Anne-Marie Russell, executive director of the Sarasota Museum of Art.





Man in the Chair, Jeff Schwartz







Floating Cubes
Site-specific sculpture by artist Akiko Kotani created from crocheted plastic strips, draped over two floating cubes.



Akiko Kotani’s art embodies the surprising power and attraction of simplicity. The diversity of her influences and her training comes together in her distinctive imagination, which enables her to create original works. With whatever materials and whether the images are playful, serene or serious, her work contains a depth of feeling within an economy of means. In the site-specific installation, Floating Cubes, the viewer will encounter two white cubes floating in space. “The initial image for this work was the square white gallery itself,” says Kotani. “I gave myself the challenge of charging the empty space with a particular energy.





Akiko Kotani in her studio


Akiko Kontai crocheting plastic strips



One of the guiding ideas I have held as an artist is that art works act as punctuation marks to enliven the space that surrounds them. In other words, they are objects in service to a particular environment.” She explains that Floating Cubes, consists of a pair of soft white cubes lit from below covered with crocheted plastic strips cut from 45-gallon white garbage bags. “The contrast of my lofty notions with the humble methods I employ to achieve my goals gives me much joy and humor. The technique is crochet, laborious and numbingly repetitious. Somehow, the resulting texture of the soft plastic with this method of production, both add to the end result of two cubes that float.”













Art Center Sarasota Instructors Show 
Featuring works in 15 mediums by 26 Art Center Sarasota instructors.



The Art Center Sarasota Instructor Show features works in 15 mediums by 26 Art Center Sarasota instructors. According to Sarah Valdez, the exhibitions and marketing coordinator at Art Center Sarasota, “This annual exhibition gives students and the public the opportunity to see the work of our talented instructors who are all professional artists. Viewers also get to see the amazing diversity of disciplines we offer here.” Valdez notes that the center offers painting classes in watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, ink, mixed media and sumi-e; sculpture classes in tech art, paper-mache and new mediums. “We also offer printmaking, papermaking, bookmaking and photography workshops and classes,” she says. “We try to appeal to artists working in a wide variety of mediums. Our instructors teach representational, abstract, portraiture, still-life and mixed media classes and workshops.” The exhibit’s featured artists are: Renee DiNapoli, Ralph Garafola, Julie Hanson, Joseph Melançon, Gail White, Nancy Goff, Barbara Eisenberg, Jill Krasner, Ali Lambert, Judy Nadler, Janine Hoffman, Judy Just, Tom Winchester, Tom Stephens, Elena De La Ville, Anne Abgott, Lucinda Hathaway, Jamie Kirkell, Kathy Morrill, Keiko Romerstein, Barbara Gerdeman, Tim Jaeger, Liz Davis, Cheryl Martin, Jorge Mendoza and Bill Buchman.






Tom Winchester, Michelle (Daylight Series)

*Fundamentals Photography,

March 3 - May 5, 2018









On View December 14, 2017- January 12, 2018
New and Now
An open, all-media exhibition juried by Taylor Robenalt, a nationally recognized ceramist.
1st Place, Judy Saltzman, Potato Field
2nd Place, Gwendolyn L Fryer, Abbah II

3rd Place,Philomena Marano, Zipper

Merit, Barbara Schwartz, What is Art? 

Merit, Betty Gerich, Far From Home


Honorable Mentions

Peter Christ, Robert Doyon, Zach Gilliland, Susan Hurwitch, Raymond Lawler, Yuka Ikebuchi, Robin M. MacKay, Jean Mazzochi, Ed McDonald, Rhoda Taylor, Susie Porter, Alice Sundstrom, James Stewart, Valerie Williams, Anita Wexler