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MARCH 17 to APRIL 23, 2016

Opening Reception March 17 | 5-8pm | Free and Open to the Public

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The Petticoat Painters is one of the oldest continuously exhibiting women's art groups in the U.S. This group was formed in 1953 to showcase the talents of female artists at a time when women had difficulty in finding venues to show their work.Seven women participated in the first show held at a local Sarsota Florida gallery. These original members selected the name "Petticoat Painters" thinking it would be a one-time show of their work. The name continues to be used both in honor of the founders and to retain its historical signature. The membership is limited to twenty women.
While we revere our history, each generation of members evolves its own identity framed by contemporary thinking. As we continue to engage new members, we actively move into the twenty first century in concert with the dynamic metamorphosis in art philosophy and aesthetics.
The Petticoat Painters are motivated by their individual process of making art. Each artist has a firm committment to moving beyond the boundaries of materials, of techniques, of standard images and preconceived notions.All the Members of the Group are inspired by the camaraderie and vibrant association with each other. Each person is encouraged to continue her journey of exploration and the development of artistic endeavors.

Members include: Jacqueline Clark, Ruth Hook Colby, Susie Covert, Peppi Elona, Jamie Friedli, Madelaine Ginsburg, Sherri Hill, Judy Just, Susan Klein, Ellen Mason, Eleanor Merritt, Jana Millstone, Janet Mishner, Evelyn McCorristin Peters, Margy Rich, Keiko Romerstein, Diane Schmidt, Judy Lyons Schneider. This exhibit showcases 18 works in various media.







I’m of the opinion that climate change is real and potentially very destructive.
At present, science suggests that without proactive legislation the future places all of us in a dangerous position.  We are about to erase the history of ourselves.
This installation is a transient event but the subject matter of this drawing is far from transient.  It is the central debate of our time.
I use charcoal because it is a primal/timeless medium of expression.
Let me say in closing, I don’t think Global Warming is a political issue, it is a human issue.  At the end of the day artists have a responsibility to hold up the mirror of truth even when surrounded by the dark.

Kevin Costello
March, 2016


Kevin Costello graduated the Chelsea School of Art and University of London’s Goldsmiths College with diplomas in Fine Art and Art History.
His involvement in the Sarasota arts community is varied and includes having been Art and Architecture Correspondent for the Sarasota Herald Tribune and a Contributing Writer for Arts and Culture Magazine.Kevin taught painting, drawing and sculpture at the San Francisco Academy of Art, and art history at the San Francisco Museum of Art.  He is a studio artist and an instructor of landscape painting, figure and conceptual drawing at the Ringling College of Art and Design.  He is also a lecturer in contemporary art history at numerous arts and continuing education institutions throughout Central West Florida.



Gallery THREE  
MASHterpieces III


The third collaboration between Art Center Sarasota and Goodwill Manasota. Twenty-seven artists selected donated art from a Goodwill retail store then transformed it by adding elements that are

in their own creative style or wherever their imagination takes them. A portion of the sale proceeds benefit Goodwill Manasota and Art Center Sarasota. “Before” photos are displayed next to the “new” work.

MASHterPARTY- APRIL 7, 5:30- 7:30pm

Special Reception, free and open to the public




Gallery FOUR




Open, all media, all subject PEER juried exhibition



 First Place: Ken Snyder
Sunday Morning





Second Place:

 Seymour Waldman
Woods Behind Purchase, NY Art School





Third Place:
Jane Boyd
Of Land + Sky




Art & Frame Merit Awards:

Patricia Pettit
Harold Ashby



  Honorable Mentions:

Elaine Charney, Eli Corbin, Donald Diddams,

Jane Fidalgo, Jorge Gutarra, Dirce Kennedy,

Ali Lambert,Jan Lewis, Helen Maguire,

Maryanne Maier, Sven Mohr, Dennis Rechcygl, Gregg Stecker, Jane Sydney, Alice Sundstrom