Christine Peloquin


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Workshop & Demonstration with Christine Peloquin


  Mixed Media Drawing & Painting on Collage with Christine Peloquin

3 days

Monday - Wednesday

February 12-14, 2018

10:00am - 4:00pm

Mixed Media

All Skill Levels

Demonstration: Sunday, February 11, 2018, 1-3pm, $20m/$25nm

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Learn the joys of mixed media collage.  In the workshop, Christine teaches the fundamentals of collage, drawing and painting. She will address working with papers, fabrics, found objects, past art work, pencil and charcoal drawing, and acrylic painting.  The materials used will be the choice of each student, but you are encouraged to incorporate some of your own prior artwork into new pieces. The objective of the workshop is to explore new mixed media techniques and excavate each student’s authentic voice in their art.


Christine teaches 2 drawing methods using the student's own photos. She teaches how to graph a photo for any size free hand drawing and also a tracing method that works well for small pieces and individuals who are intimidated or new to drawing. She will work with each of you on whatever style project you would like to work on whether it is faces, figures, landscapes, still lives or abstracts. There are no set rules in her workshops. She creates a fun time that introduces new techniques and a comfortable learning environment to enhance where you already are. All levels are welcomed!



February 12-14, 2018




February 11, 2018


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 About the Artist:

Christine Peloquin is a 2-D mixed media artist who has been selling her artwork for 30 years. The majority of her artwork is drawing and painting on fabric and paper collage. The subjects range from faces and figures of women and children to landscapes, nature scenes and abstracts.All the pieces begin with fabric and paper collage arranged, sewn and adhered to wood panels. The collages consist of any of the following; antique cloths, contemporary fabrics, antique dictionary pages, old children’s school books, atlases, architectural plans, wallpaper, tablecloths, napkins, lace, buttons, flowers, leaves and any variety of papers and 2D found objects. Over the collages, the drawings are done in charcoal and the work is painted with acrylics and mediums.

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