Exhibitions May 22- June 27, 2014
Opening Reception May 22, 5-7pm | Free and open to the public

  Gallery 1  

Unconventional Inventions


Unconventional Inventions is a community project that was designed to ignite imagination and exploration in the sciences through art. Students from New Gate Montessori and Out-of-Door Academy were asked to create kinetic sculptures incorporating principals of math and science that they are studying in school. This project was designed to help expand students’ knowledge and skills in math and the sciences, as well as developing their creativity, team-building and problem solving skills. The sculptures explore the concepts of physics, mechanics and computer technology.

This exhibit was made possible by:

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Gallery 2




Vanishing, curated by Mark Ormand, features selected works from the permanent collection of the Myakka-based Lemur Conservation Foundation (LCF), an organization that is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the lemurs of Madagascar through captive breeding, scientific research, and education. This exhibit features works by nearly 20 artists, including local artists Jean Blackburn and Craig Rubadoux. LCF founder Penelope Bodry-Sanders hopes this exhibit will help people “understand the awfulness of extinction—without that, there is little hope for the future of lemurs and life itself in its magnificent diversity. Art can't change the world, but it can change the way we see, think and feel about it.”


Peter McCaffrey "Lemurs"

  Gallery 3  

Black Box Projects: Summation


Summation features photography, painting, sculpture, installation, video and printmaking created by nine MFA candidates from USF Tampa. The students are Michael Bauman, Katina Bitsicas, Christine Comple, Marcus DeSieno, Roberto Jorge, Elizabeth Plakidas, Janett Pulido, Curt Steckel and Jaro Studencki. Black Box Projects are funded by Art Center Sarasota as an opportunity for college students to create or curate an innovative artistic project to help build their professional skills as working artists.


Christine Comple "Adonis"


Gallery 4




An open, all-media juried exhibition

Jurors for this exhibition are Chris Jones, assistant curator of exhibitions at The Ringling and Diane Shelly, executive director of the Florida Craftsmen Gallery.

1st prize:
"Entangled Deer" 

Danielle Dygert

2nd prize:



3rd prize

"I literally love you"

Marcia Ente

Merit awards:
Bix Mannion
Judy Saltzman

Honorable Mentions:

Jane Armstrong
Marc Barrett
Margo Kessler Cook
Karen deLeon Stuart
Marty Dunn
Marjorie Hallett
Nicole Lamothe
Robin McKay
Judith Nadler
Robin Palermo
Jane Sydney
Ella Wiggins