Keiko Romerstein


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Workshop with Keiko Romerstein

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Fun with Sumi-e Painting with Keiko Romerstein 

2 day Workshop

Wednesday-Thursday, 10:00am - 3:00pm

All Levels, Sumi-e

 April 4-5, 2018

1st Day ……. Bamboo and Introduction to Calligraphy Strokes

2nd Day …….. Trees and Lotus 


Starting from painting bamboo students will learn variety of brush strokes and how to load Sumi ink on brush and how to apply back ground “wash”. 

There are many styles in this art form. When I teach to my students I teach the traditional way which is using only black sumi ink. I was taught by my masters that the most important thing is brush strokes.  If you are a beginner or not I would like to see your correct brush strokes.  Let's have happy time by dancing brush.


Experienced Sumi-e Artist you can use colors to express subjects a little more realistically. You can also bring some of your Sumi-e works to show to other students. 


Workshop: Tuesday-Wednesday, April 4-5, 2018

Cost: $160m/$190nm

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About the Instructor:

imageKeiko Romerstein: is a Japanese-born Sumi-e artist, the bold but painstaking art of ink and wash painting. Sumi-e brings Keiko peace of mind. Her paintings evoke happiness in the viewer, and often a wish to own them. When Keiko teaches, it gives her a second chance to learn. She takes great pleasure in her student's pleasure at learning. Keiko respects the Zen philosophy of Sumi-e. As a Japanese artist, she feels this art form should be carried on from generation to generation. She feels an obligation to the great masters to continue to study and to teach others. This is the passion for the rest of Keiko's life journey.  She is a nationally and internationally exhbitited artist and just recently recieved the "Sarasota Chapter Award" at the Sumi-e Soceity of America National Jurried Exhbition in Portsmouth Art & Culture Center, VA.