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Creative Kids

Ages 6 -9

Emerging Artists

Ages 10-17

Fashion Bootcamp

Ages 9-16

Picture This!

Ages 10-15

Membership for youth/students is $25 for the year Click here for more information



Once a Month (Oct 13, Nov 17, Dec 15, Jan 19, Feb 23, Mar 30) 

Cost: $20 memebers per child per class

$25 Non-members per child per class

All supplies included

20 student maximum please call or pre-register online no later than the Thursday prior to the class date to reserve a seat. 

Each class students create artworks focusing on specific mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture and collage.  Art history vocabulary and artists will be discussed.  Students will practice art skills such as color mixing, shading, blending, compostion and more.  

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Jan 19                Feb 23                Mar 30


Sign-Up over the phone with a credit card or with cash or check or online via paypal



Window Dreamin

January 19, 2019 - CANCELED


Teacher: Barbara Gerdeman

Technique: Mixed Media

Description: Taking inspiration from Matisse’s “Open Window”, artists will use paint, cut paper and sharpie marker, to create their own open window that will give viewers a peek into their world, real or imagined.


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Connect the Dots

February 23, 2019


Teacher: Jane Harris

Technique: Painting with Gouache

Description: Inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s “Spring Theme”, artists will create their own painting in a style that resembles mosaic using gouache on paper.

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Valley of the Dolls

March 30, 2019


Teacher: Margaret Hillman

Technique: Assemblage/Sculpture & Collage

Description: Artists will use wood, cardboard, other assemblage items and collage to create “Assemblage Dolls”


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