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August 27 - September 30

Opening Reception August 27 | 5-7pm | Free and Open to the Public

Open Critque August 25  | 6-8pm | Free and Open to the Public



Gallery 1




Curated by Art Center Sarasota exhibition curator, Dustin Juengel, unites four artists from across the globe whose works each reveal a unique relationship to the written word.

These four artists are not only separated by geography, they're also separated in age by more than four decades. However, clear links can be discovered between their diverse bodies of work. Each reveals a different relationship to the written word, yet all incorporate it into their practice in a natural, seemingly effortless manner. 
Hyun Woo Lee lives in Seoul, South Korea. Woo combines speech and subtitles in his video works. He breathes a sense of humanity into technology.

Jenny Vu lives in Portland, Oregon. Vu’s cartoonish images merge with text in a brash message of youthful energy. 

Peter Gaztambide lives in Punta Gorda. Gaztambide employs text as another abstract element in his mixed media works. Fragments of text offer a point of entry into his abstract pictorial language.

Christofer Degrér lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Degrér’s playful, digital compositions make the distinction between image and text a thing of the past. Text gets treated as image or depicted objects may contain text. This drastically reduces the time that text tends to demand from the reader/viewer. Instead, visual content can be absorbed with the immediacy we’ve gotten used to in this digital age.

Both Jenny Vu and Christofer Degrér graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design.



F.T.W. (For the Win)

Jenny Vu




Gallery 2




El Chocó documents traditional artisanal gold mining in the rainforests of El Chocó, Colombia, with detailed drawings by Mary Kelsey and powerful photographs by Steve Cagan. While honoring this timeless tradition, these Cleveland-based artists also examine the cultural, social, environmental and economic effects of newer and more destructive mechanized gold mining practices. There are 21 pieces in the exhibition.

The artists state that they wish to, “provoke curiosity about the issues we’re documenting. We hope people will want to learn more and to understand how these issues affect their own lives. We can’t provide answers, but we hope our work will raise questions.” Kelsey adds that they hope to provoke viewers to, “think about similar issues here in our own country, such as the way fracking for natural gas pits economic opportunity against long-term environmental costs. We’d also like to inspire people to consider how visual media can be used in social explorations and investigations.”
Cagan has been photographing the volatile region of El Chocó since 2003. Kelsey’s more recent paintings and drawings explore relationships between people and their environment. Her work in Latin American rain forests has been exhibited in several cities and publications. Among their numerous awards and recognitions, Kelsey has had a Fulbright Fellowship, and Cagan has had two, for their work in Latin America.



Mary Kelsey


Steve Kagen





Gallery 3





FSU graduate student Scott Bell addresses the history of the suburban movement and American ideals of expansion across the natural world. The exhibition comprises 12 large-scale oil paintings with sculptural elements. “Through my paintings and sculptural assemblages, I hope to offer a sense of self-reflection that turns the viewer’s attentions inward,” says Bell. “Ideally, the viewer will slow down their contemplation of their surrounding landscapes, and begin to question their life in conjunction with their environments.” Bell is a native Floridian who received his BFA from the University of North Florida and is currently pursuing his MFA at Florida State University. He has won several academic awards and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions across the nation. Find out more at www.scottbellart.com



A Nice House in a Tropical Place

Scott Bell



Gallery 4



    An open, all media, all subject juried exhibition.


Vladislav Yeliseyev

Artist and Director of Renaissance School of Art

Rita Rust

Director of Art Uptown and Watercolor Artist 



First Place:
Betty Isermann

Still Life


Second Place:
Joseph Melançon



Third Place:
Janet Mishner

Woven Stems


Art & Frame Merit Awards:

Dirce Kennedy, Hili Puro


Honorable Mentions:
Anne Abgott, James M. Baker, Robert Barylski, Karin Billings,
Donna Jahec Karambelas,
Dieter Lau, Kate Lowman, Clif Lundberg, Jo Proietti,
Laura Reed, Karen de Leon-Stuart, Jerry Wolfe